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Formed in 2015, The Perfect Little Company (TPLC) is aiming to help people and companies benefit from new developments in Robotics. The fast pace of technological advances often mean the benefits are misunderstood or misapplied. By demonstration and case studies, TPLC is helping people to understand how effective and useful robotics can be if applied in an appropriate manner.

The company is well funded and has a broad range of competencies within the board of directors and senior management.


Michael Richardson – MD of TPLC

Founder and MD of TPLC talks about how our robots work and how they can help you.


In all our actions and activities we consider the impact we have on the environment. We use recycled paper for over 90% of our packaging in the products we produce and in total the packaging is 99.9% recyclable. The average recyclable amount of materials used in our products is over 80% and we are working hard to improve this with a target of 100%. When we use freight for transit of goods, we use the lowest possible carbon footprint balanced against the cost and time of transit.


We value our local community and we value the communities where we operate. Where we can we support local, national and international activities that improve the lives and environments within these communities, whether that’s planting wild flowers to support Bees or working with School projects supporting students learning and development.

Trolley Patent

The Hive Trolley is an exclusive design owned and manufactured by The Perfect Little Company Limited. The patent has been granted for a “trolley for storing, transporting and charging a plurality or robotic appliances”.  Patent number GB2565480.

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Jacques deCock


Michael Richardson

Managing Director

Anna Wickham

Finance Director

Andy Baker

Sales and Marketing Director

Steve Sadler

Technical Director

Clive Miller

Area Sales Director

Brian Sparrow

Area Sales Director

Richard Andrews

Area Sales Director

Katie Allen


Gemma Brock

Office Manager

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