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Case Studies

How others in your industry are using the Hive Cleaning Solution

Below you can find the cost and time comparison between the standard process of vacuuming by a cleaner versus our robots (Abbee). The figures are derived from our extensive case studies of our clients across three major sectors: hotels, schools (educational facilities) and offices.

Hotel Case Study

Abbee saves you time & money

Room cleaning is a significant cost for the hotel industry both in terms of staff costs and time management. Even a small amount of time saved on each room can have a massive impact across hotels – especially those with a large number of rooms.

School Case Study

Abbee saves you time & money

Every school needs vacuuming, but this is a pretty laborious job, lugging around heavy equipment and can be very time consuming. Letting the robots do it means that staff are less pressured and have more time for the detailed work.

Office Case Study

Abbee saves you time & money

Our solution employing the patented Hive trolley makes using robots very easy in office space. Because our robots vacuum all areas every day (not just the bits people can see) the overall standards do increase and the strain on staff reduces

Calculation methods:
Total cost saving = saving per day per room x # rooms cleaned per shift x # cleaning days per annum
# cleaning days per annum: 365 (hotel); 190 (school); 253 (open office)
# of rooms cleaned per shift per cleaner: 16 (hotel); 10 (school); 1 (open office)
Labour rate: £12.00 per hour (£0.20 per min)
Robot rental: £19.50 per month (£0.01 per min) based on 90 mins vacuum charge

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