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Commercial robot vacuum cleaners

Why incorporate a Commercial Robot Vacuum Cleaner into your cleaning schedule?

  • Easy to use – Our Commercial Robot Vacuum Cleaner is touch screen or remote control, programmable, autonomous and efficient
  • Saves time and money* – cleaning staff can continue with other cleaning tasks
  • Set boundaries – virtual walls and magnetic strips control where the robot vacuum cleaners operate enabling them to perform in, and only in, a given space
  • Advanced sensors – the ability to transition between bare floors and carpeted areas without manually switching settings

*Success rates depend heavily on how much money a business can save by transitioning from a team purely of human cleaners to a team assisted by an army of robot vacuum cleaners.


Our Commercial Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Abbee is our robot vacuum cleaner. Each Abbee can vacuum approximately 1,300 square feet per hour. Her main features include:

  • Industrial medium size unit
  • 90 to 180 minutes battery life (battery power 14.4 volt)
  • 80% battery life recharged under 60 minutes
  • Rotary brush fitted to clean corners and edges
  • Low noise output compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner
  • Infra-red detection to avoid major obstacles
  • Stairs and drop detection
  • Complete with mop functionality for hard surfaces

The Hive10 Trolley is our robot vacuum cleaning solution for commercial use. It holds 10 Abbees for easy transportation and distribution around the rooms they are required to work in. The trolley also provides a storage system as well as doubling up as a charging station with 10 charging points (one for each Abbee) yet only requires one single plug socket. Once plugged in it will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge all the Abbees. For more information see our products page

Trolley Patent

The Hive Trolley is an exclusive design owned and manufactured by The Perfect Little Company Limited. The patent has been granted for a “trolley for storing, transporting and charging a plurality or robotic appliances”.  Patent number GB2565480.

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