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Cost and Benefits



Introducing new technology into any working process creates fear because people are fearful of change and how it may affect their lives and jobs. What history has shown however is that although processes and jobs do change, overall employment increases with productivity improvements. Our cleaning robots are designed to increase productivity and reduce health and safety issues for staff. Vacuuming is a tedious and repetitive task that can easily be replaced by a robotic vacuum, reducing potential health issues for the operator and freeing up time for more important tasks. All the case studies show how productivity has improved generating on average a 30% increase in free time for cleaning staff to perform other tasks.



The UK lost 137.3 million days to sickness during 2016 (source; ONS). The current reliability record of our robots means that by using a robotic vacuum cleaner there is an equivalent of reducing the loss to sickness by about 30%. Robots perform to exactly the same level everyday ensuring consistency in performance and cleaning results.

Cost Savings


Of course by increasing both productivity and reliability, there is an option to reduce human hours in the cleaning process that, on average, would generate an overall cost saving of 25%. It is important to note however that in the vast majority of our case studies, rather than reducing human hours, the free time generated has by used to improve the working or educational environment.

Supporting Cleaning Staff


In every deployment, we provide full training to cleaning staff and productivity / process recommendations to facilities managers and supervisors. With the introduction of any new technology, case history has taught us that to be effective, staff must be part of the program and have an understanding of how the technology will help and support their work, reduce strains caused by vacuuming and give consistency in results.

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