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Press Release – TTB Introduce Innovative Robotic Vacuums into its Specialist School cleaning Services

Firmly established and innovative commercial cleaner, TTB, has introduced robotic vacuum cleaners into its school cleaning process at Christopher Whitehead Language College to improve and streamline the services it offers.

TTB is a well-established family run company with over 20 years in the cleaning industry.   TTB specialise in commercial cleaning for schools and colleges within the Midlands and always like to keep abreast of the latest technologies to continue to improve the services it offers to its customers.

When we think of leaders in education, we often think of Oxbridge colleges, but there’s a quiet revolution taking place in Worcestershire and the Midlands.

Christopher Whitehead Language College Headteacher Neil Morris explains. “When we see global leading businesses, we often also see some of the most fantastic working environments and I think education should be the same. Of course, we need the best teachers, we need to also encourage an attitude of learning in our pupils, and the teaching and learning physical environment should reflect this. We now have 21st century facilities in our 6th form centre, dining room and 20 state of the art classrooms and in the very near future we hope to add a new Performing Arts Centre that will rival any other facility in the UK”.

“Now that we have these facilities, we need to ensure they are cared for in the best possible manner and to the highest standards. To deliver this, TTB Contracts, uses a combination of people supported by robots”.

 Nick Jeacock of TTB said “CWLC has some super facilities and it’s our job to keep them clean and tidy. We use robots to help our staff because this gives the people time to complete the important cleaning details, whilst the robots do the vacuuming. We have over 30 schools now using robots, freeing up cleaners time and improving standards.”

 The robots are supplied by Oxfordshire based The Perfect Little Company and MD Michael Richardson added “Every school needs vacuuming, but this is a pretty laborious job, lugging around heavy equipment and can be very time consuming. Letting the robots do it means that staff are less pressured and have more time for the detailed work.”

 Neil Morris agrees “It’s important that we care for our staff as well as our pupils, our school is over 3 floors and it’s simply not reasonable to expect someone every day to be carrying around a vacuum cleaner.” Nick Jeacock adds “It’s the storage, charging and transportation system that TPLC have invented that makes all the difference”.

 TPLCs commercial cleaning solution operates in several high-profile organisations such as Vodafone, the BBC, Birmingham Airport, Credit Suisse and many other schools and colleges throughout the UK.

More details about TTB can be found at www.ttbcontracts.co.uk and you can find Christopher Whitehead Language College website at www.christopherwhitehead.co.uk