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Robotic vacuum and mop in one.

Hive Cleaning Trolley

For charging, storing cleaning and transporting your Abbees


Robotic vacuum and mop

At a glance …

Abbee is a high performance robotic vacuum and mop rolled into one. With her 2000 mAh battery, she is capable of running for around 90 minutes between charges (180 minutes battery also available). With both touch screen and remote controls, she is fully programmable. Just set up her with a day-to-day cleaning schedule and let her get on with it, quietly and effectively.

Abbee Technical specification

Power 14.4 volt, 2000 mAh battery
Filters X 2 including a HEPA filter which removes tiny dust particles to leave clean, dust free air.
Cleaning Programmes
  1. Auto – cleans all areas.
  2. Spot – focuses on a smaller area.
  3. Wall edging – navigates around the edge of the room and corners.
  4. Zig-zag – moves in a diagonal pattern to ensure no bits are missed.
Touch Screen Controls Yes
Mop functionality Yes
Spare parts available HEPA filter, Dust Box, Front Brushes, Roller brush
Accessories available Remote Control, Virtual Wall, Mop attachment & Cloths
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 8cm

What it’s like working with Abbee


Abbee is a powerful robotic vacuum with a “brushless” motor.
This means that she’ll work hard and relatively quietly for about an hour and a half to two hours between charges (this can vary depending on surface and program).


Abbee is a clean robotic vacuum with two filters.
One filter is a HEPA filter, this filters out the tiny dust particles that she picks up, leaving you with clean, dust free, air.


Abbee is an intelligent robotic vacuum with 4 cleaning settings.
She can work her way around furniture and is fitted with two rotary brushes that allow her to get into corners and right up to the edge of a cleaning area.
She has an infra-red detection unit which comprises of five sensors underneath and one on top. These sensors prevent her from falling down the stairs or bumping into things. She also has a bumper to prevent any damage to both Abbee or anything that manages to evade her sensors.

Easy to Use

Abbee is an easy to use robotic vacuum with touch screen controls.
Abbee starts cleaning with the quick push of a button. She also comes with a remote control for most common functions.

Easy to Clean

Abbee is an easy to clean robotic vacuum with a dust collection unit which compacts until full and a high powered low noise central brush unit.
Both units are very simple to remove, empty and clean which all takes just seconds.
On removal of both units you have full access through the machine which enables the simple removal of any blockages.


For hard surfaces, Abbee has an optional a mop attachment.
The attachment has a small water tank and a microfibre cloth perfect for maintaining clean floors.

Virtual Wall

Abbee can also be supplied with a “virtual wall” which means that you can leave doors open or segregate an area that you do not want Abbee to cross without having to put a physical barrier in her path.  There are two options available:

  1. Infrared for short distances – up to 2.5 metres.
  2. Magnetic strip for distances greater than 2.5 metres.


Abbee is a very effective robotic vacuum cleaner. Abbee doesn’t just pick up the dirt that can be seen by the human eye. Due to the way she is programmed, she will cover every inch of floor space systematically to ensure a thorough clean is achieved.

Hive Cleaning Trolley

For your complete cleaning solution

At a glance …

A complete solution for your cleaning process.

The Hive Trolley holds 10 Abbee’s for easy transportation and distribution around the rooms they are required to work in.

The trolley also provides a storage system as well as doubling up as a charging station with 10 charging points – one for each Abbee (a single plug socket is required).

Once plugged in, the Abbees will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge.

The Hive trolley package includes as standard:

  • Bin hoops for quick emptying of the Abbees and the collection of other rubbish during the cleaning process.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • Two handy storage boxes for mop attachments and other cleaning equipment.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners in use signs.

Hive Trolley Technical specification

Power Requirements A single plug socket
Castors 4 x swivel and lockable castors
Bin Hoops Up to two (optional)
Spare parts available Castors, Charging Tower, Charging Leads, Bin hoop brackets
Accessories available Bin Hoops, Storage Boxes
Weight (fully loaded) Approx 45kg
Dimensions 575 x 400 x 1111mm (width extends to 980.39mm with one bin hoop attached or 1554.75mm with two bin hoops attached)

Trolley Patent

The Hive Trolley is an exclusive design owned and manufactured by The Perfect Little Company Limited. The patent has been granted for a “trolley for storing, transporting and charging a plurality or robotic appliances”.  Patent number GB2565480.

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