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Training, Support & Maintenance Videos

Occasionally things can go wrong with Abbee.  Below are some videos of ‘easy to fix’ issues as well as how to maintain Abbee to ensure she keeps working to a high standard.

Cleaning & Maintaining the Roller Brush

To ensure Abbee works at her best it is important to regularly maintain the roller brush.  This will keep her functioning at a high level.  It’s simple to do and here we show you how…

Emptying the Dust Box

When you first use Abbee her dust box will need emptying regularly.  This is because she can outperform any standard vacuum previously used.  The need to empty the box so regularly will ease off over time.  Abbee does not use vacuum bags so it’s simply a cause of removing the dust box, emptying the contents and replacing.

Lid Stuck Open

We’ve had some instances where Abbees lid has become stuck open.  This can be caused when the Abbee is lifted incorrectly using the lid.  Abbee should never be lifted by the lid due due to the weight of the product.  But good news – the fix is simple with just the need for a small Phillips screwdriver and here’s how…

Setting Off Abbee

Abbee is incredibly simple to use.  Here we show you how to get her started …

Stopping Abbee

There are two ways to stop Abbee from working.  Simply chase her and press the ‘clean’ button or, alternatively, just pick her up.  

Replacing the Side Brushes

Abbees side brushes are built to last.  On the rare occasion they need replacing or changing they can simply be popped off and on.  Just beware there is a left and right brush specific to each side.  Here we explain…

Removing Stuck Items

As with any vacuum, Abbee can occasionally pick up larger items, that aren’t meant for her.  These can be easily removed by taking out the roller brush enclosure.

Got an Error Code?  

Very occasionally Abbee can go wrong.  Luckily Abbee can tell you what’s wrong.  In most cases simply turning her on and off can fix the problem.  If not the video explains the most common problems and what to do.