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By introducing Abbee and the Hive Trolley Solution into your current cleaning operation, you will save money and improve standards of cleaning.

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TPLC have successfully developed robotic vacuum cleaning solutions for the commercial market. These solutions are being used to support cleaning companies, schools, offices, hotels and  many other businesses across the UK. Today, over 1 million square ft of area will be vacuumed by our robots.

Hive 10

Holding 10 Abbee robotic vacuum cleaners for charging, storing and easy transportation around the rooms in which they are required. The Hive only requires one plug socket for charging and all 10 Abbees will be fully recharged within 5 hours.


Industrial, medium size robotic vacuum cleaner, cleaning up to 1,300 square feet over a 90 minute shift. Abbee has a rotary brush for deep cleaning carpets and side brushes for cleaning the corners and edges. With a low noise output, Abbee is perfect for 24hr operations. Abbee is also capable of mopping for hard surfaces.

The Hive Cleaning Solution is the ONLY commercial robotic vacuum cleaning system in the UK.

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Improving service & sustainability through the use of Abbee & The Hive
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Trolley Patent

The Hive Trolley is an exclusive design owned and manufactured by The Perfect Little Company Limited. The patent has been granted for a “trolley for storing, transporting and charging a plurality or robotic appliances”.  Patent number GB2565480.

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